Monaco Music Studio

Chamber Music Experience

Chamber music is defined as music played in a chamber (read: room). Whereas you couldn’t fit an entire symphony orchestra into someone’s living room, a classy restaurant, or a wedding venue, smaller groups of musicians have provided entertainment at special events for hundreds of years, and there is a wide body of sheet music literature for numerous musical combinations at numerous levels. Some examples are a wind quintet, a string quartet, or a jazz combo. 

I reached out to my professional music colleagues as well as college music majors to put together a fun and education program that will benefit musicians of all performance areas and abilities this fall.  Students will have the chance to meet in groups of 3-5 to learn music and perform together, with both virtual* and in-person options for weekly rehearsal and coaching sessions.

Whether your children sing, play piano, bassoon, rock guitar, or cello, I will group students according to ability and instrumentation. If your children are beginner, intermediate, or advanced musicians, we have a place for them. If your children have NEVER played an instrument before but want to learn, we have a place for them.

We plan to offer a variety of musical experiences, including not only traditional “classical” music, but world music, jazz, barbershop, and movie soundtracks (to name just a few).

There will be a $100 registration fee per term to allow us to purchase materials and a coaching fee of $45 per month.  Limited scholarships are available. We host fun and knowledgeable guest experts periodically to help students learn more about music and how to develop authentic musical interpretations.

If you are interested, please fill out THIS ENROLLMENT FORM

*For the virtual option, we will meet for weekly coaching sessions online and as the term progresses, we (parents) will make a decision whether to perform online by having each student record his/her part and splice videos together, or whether to move to wards in-person sessions and performances as the situation progresses