Monaco Music Studio



It can be challenging to learn an instrument. Developing fluency in the language of music takes time, dedication, and hard work.  

EVERY SINGLE MUSIC STUDENT I HAVE EVER MET has struggled with multiple bad habits.  Even the most diligent musician will develop bad habits over time- habits that are often caused by misalignment or misuse of the body.  Bad habits WILL slow a student's musical development and often stall it completely.  THIS IS WHY so many students get "bored" with music and end up quitting. In reality, they aren't bored; they have stopped progressing in a meaningful way.  Since music development is such an abstract concept, it's difficult for students to pinpoint the cause of their frustration. Most students are completely unaware of the source of their struggles, or that they are even struggling at all. 

This is why lessons are so important. A mentor with a keen set of eyes and ears (i.e., an instructor) can guide a student in developing a functional, dynamic posture and gorgeous tone

Financial Policies:

     60 min lesson:  $240/month  -most common

     45 min lesson:  $190/month

     30 min lesson:  $140/month

I charge a flat-rate monthly tuition during the school year.  I add up the number of lessons per term and divide by the number of months, so there will be no adjustments for months with five lessons OR for months with only three lessons. This fee schedule has two "free" lessons built-in per semester. In other words, twenty-two lessons are scheduled each term, but I only charge for twenty lessons. This schedule will allow for time off in case of an unavoidable calendar conflict, illness, or emergency. This also simplifies scheduling and makes bookkeeping easier for everyone!  


Sibling discounts are available.  I charge my standard hourly rate per family, rather than per student.  My standard fee becomes incrementally less per hour as the lesson time increases. 

     90 min session: $330/month

     120 min session: $400/month 

Please click here to read more detailed information regarding my policies.