Monaco Music Studio

Flute Lessons

The flute is a challenging instrument to learn (albeit a stunning one). Bad habits seem to appear rather naturally with flutists, so it takes a keen set of eyes and ears to keep things working the way they should. Flutists have to develop tremendous breath support since much of their air is "lost" instead of going inside the instrument. Developing a gorgeous tone takes time and patience. The unnatural playing position of holding the instrument out to the side tends to invite bad postural habits, which can inhibit technique and potentially cause injury (e.g. tendinitis, tenosynovitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome). Tension can creep up in the throat, jaw, or arms, and a student wouldn't even realize it, because to her, it's just the "normal" playing position she has naturally developed.  
The problem is that eventually, a student will be unable to progress any further in her musical journey because her own bad habits will prevent her from having clean technique or a lovely sound.  THIS IS WHY so many students get "bored" of music and end up quitting. In reality, they aren't bored, they have stopped progressing in a meaningful way. Something is off, but the student can't quite identify what it is because they don't have the skills to evaluate the problem.  Having professional guidance to mentor you along your musical journey can be one of the best gifts you can give your child, or yourself!