Monaco Music Studio

Lessons for Littles

Most music teachers won't accept younger students in their studios.

Why not?

Because they try to conform the CHILD to their teaching style and not the other way around, which results in frustration for the instructor, the student, and the parents all around. 


Young children LOVE music, so the preschool years are a beautiful age to introduce them to music in a nurturing, developmentally-appropriate way. 


What does this look like?

Lessons can be geared more towards the flute, the piano, or just general music


Short bursts of activities keep interest high. 


Children can learn about rhythms by beating on percussion instruments and dancing.


They can learn about interval and pitch relationships by singing and playing solfege (Do, re, mi...)  songs and games.


Note-reading and improvisation activities help imbue general music knowledge. 


(In short: games, dancing, crafts, singing, fun!)