Monaco Music Studio

Musical Mondays

I don't know about you all, but my kids are going a little stir-crazy at this point. They miss their friends. They miss their activities.  They miss their freedom.  My mama-heart hurts for them.  What I've discovered is that they are happier in general if I can provide some semblance of routine for them.  

Musical Mondays are intended to be both an educational and recreational opportunity to provide information and interaction for our students.  The activity will be hosted on Google Meet because this platform is capable of accommodating up to 100 participants and the event can also be recorded for later access. 

Some fun topics we have planned at this point include Music Jeopardy, Topics in Musical Interpretation, Composing for the Big Screen, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, The Secret Lives of Composers, Musical Pictionary, Masterclasses, Ear Training Crash Course, Scale Olympics, and Kostume Karaoke (for singers AND instrumentalists). 

The cost includes a registration fee of $50 to cover the cost of guest speakers and $20 per month tuition (about $5/week). Limited scholarships are available. 

Do you have any questions? FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT HERE. 

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