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Important Dates 2023-2024

  Tuesday, October 25, 2022 by Marcie Monaco | Uncategorized

June 3 4:00 Costume Karaoke and Swimming Party

June 5-9 Marcie teaches VBS (this is an evening event, so my days are still free for teaching!  We might need to shift some things around a bit).

June 12-15 Marcie teaches at Midwest Flute Institute (This is a local program during the day, so I will be available for a few evenings M-Th and during the day Friday for lessons)

June 17 7:00pm, Marcie performs a recital, "Myths, Legends, and Lore" 

June 27-30  Marcie helps with SIUE band camp (I am canceling this! I have too many commitments this summer and need this week at home!)

July 23-29 Marcie at the American Suzuki Institute in Wisconsin NO LESSONS

August 1-6 Marcie performing at the National Flute Association Convention in Phoenix. NO LESSONS.

September/October TBD Chamber concert (with professional musicians)