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A Wholistic Flutist

Monday, December 23, 2019 by Marcie Monaco | Musicianship

A wholistic flutist should be actively working on developing these skills:

(most of these skills will automatically develop in the natural course of lessons)

  • Strong breath support

  • Clean and varied articulation

  • Beautiful tone

  • Strong, relaxed, efficient, BALANCED posture

  • Accurate intonation

  • Musicality

  • Clean, quick, and facile technique

  • Dynamic control

  • Ability to execute mood and color changes

  • Control of vibrato

  • Strict internal sense of tempo and rhythm

  • Smooth, clean, large intervallic leaps

  • Diligent and competent practice skills

  • Knowledge of scale and arpeggio patterns

  • Familiarity with major etudes

  • Awareness of music theory and history for more accurate interpretation

  • Recognition of leading flutists and composers across all geographic boundaries and eras to look to as performance models

What other skills do you think are important?