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Ensemble Alternatives 

My heart broke when I heard our school district would be 100% remote learning this fall. I have a long background homeschooling and I am actually very happy to have my kids home with me, but my children have always participated in school and community music programs, and they have tremendously enjoyed theses experiences. Making music with other people is one of the best memories our children will have of school as they grow into adulthood, and as a mom myself, I want to do everything I can to cultivate positive music experiences for my own children and others.

I decided to do something to help both my own children and YOURS.  I reached out to my professional music colleagues as well as college music majors to put together two fun and educational programs that will benefit musicians of all performance areas and abilities this fall, and I really think your child is going to enjoy it!

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome!  Students who have never even touched an instrument before are also welcome!

Please click here to read more about the Chamber Music Experience and Musical Mondays

If you are interested, please fill out THIS ENROLLMENT FORM.